Crystal Lagoon Gua Sha Beauty Tool


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Our Crystal Lagoon Gua Sha Beauty Contour Tool in Natural Sodalite Crystal is your answer to a firmer, more contoured face.

Used after applying your Sunrise or Sunset facial oils, this ancient Chinese beauty tool drains excess fluid from the face, contours the skin, reveals firmer skin, smaller pores, shrinks eye bags, dark circles, diminishes wrinkles, and can even break down scar tissue over time. Reveal your true face without excess fluid retention. Thought about getting fillers? No need with daily use of your Crystal Lagoon Gua Sha Tool. Seriously- this tool will change your LIFE.

*Use in upward motions on your neck, jaw line, cheekbones, the hollows of your cheeks, under eyes, and forehead.

Sodalite Crystal is extremely special, especially for use daily. This stone is extremely calming, soothing, and promotes peace from within. Sodalite is said to improve your mood, communication, and help you reveal your true calling in life. Negativity melts away with each use of the Sodalite Crystal. This stone is also said to boost the immune system and cleanse the organs through lymphatic drainage, while also reducing anxiety and stress held within the body. Rejuvenate your mind and body with our Crystal Lagoon Gua Sha Beauty Contour Tool.

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