Summertime Suede

Suede is having a MAJOR moment. And if the Instagram accounts of our favorite bloggers and influencers are any indication--the trend won't be losing steam anytime soon. From bags to shoes to dresses and just about anything in-between, we're seeing suede everywhere. There's only one problem; wearing a heavier fabric like suede when it's warm out tends to be less than ideal. We've all been there--you're dying to wear that leather body con, but a few hours in on the dance floor and things start to REALLY heat up, in the most literal way possible. Sacrificing comfort for style is something we've all done, but this time, the (nu)buck stops here. Here's how to capitalize on one of this season's hottest trends, even when it's hot as hell out. 

Faux Vegan Suede Skirt, Suede Fringe Jacket

Keep It Faux Fo' Sho

Not only is faux suede friendlier on the environment, but it also tends to be a lot more lightweight and breathable. Save your genuine leather pieces for colder weather--a leather moto jacket was made to retain heat and keep the wearer warm. Faux suede pieces like this Fringe With Benefits jacket by Vagabond add a cool element to any outfit, while still giving you room the breathe. 

Consider The Color Scheme

We're all for all-black ensembles, but wearing heavier fabrics in dark colors during the summertime screams 'wrong season'. Lighten up your look by reaching for leather and suede in fun, punchy hues. This Miss Midi Faux Suede Skirt isn't only work appropriate, but seasonally appropriate too with its dusty pink finish. 

Add It As An Accent 

Remember that to rock a trend doesn't mean sporting it from head to toe. Just a little suede can go a long way--we love incorporating it into our outfits with a pair of statement shoes like these Matisse Galveston Boots (on sale!), with an accessory like the Talitha Suede Clutch by Sancia or an easy layering piece, like a fringe-trimmed jacket.

Pair It Perfectly

Wear your more substantial statement pieces with simpler basics to balance out a look. This Lucy Mini Faux Suede Skirt is the perfect pairing for summery staples like tissue-thin tees, skin-baring crop tops and strappy sandals. 

Pink Suede Jacket, Suede Fringe Jacket, Fringe Leather Jacket

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