Van De Vort is about the free-spirited individual, the defiant and unapologetic flower child, and the unflappable, self-reliant, hopeless romantic; it’s about living outside convention in all things life and art; it’s about combining sex and edge and modern classic silhouettes with airy floral prints, tie dye, fringe, shredded denim and worn leather.

Most of all, VDV fashion embodies the audacious and inspiring woman in all of us.

In our latest fashion trends, we pay homage to the hippies, gypsies, designers, feminists and fashion icons before us, and those whom continue to set the bar. For all the wanderers spanning the globe in search of the greatest tastes, sounds, sights and silhouettes the world has to offer, here’s where you’ll find the best of what currently has our attention and what you can bet you’ll see more of this year.

VDV is about highlighting the latest trends, not telling you how to achieve the look, but how to assemble your own version. Because after all, the ease and confidence that accompanies a perfect look is perhaps the most important element of any wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for unfettered, flowing floral dresses to help your inner-hippie shine, a modern twist on the classic maxi dress silhouette, a revival of the jumper that shockingly blurred the gender-line way back when, or anything in between, the Van de Vort stylists can help.

Whether you prefer to search through the new arrivals and spot the trends, or follow the trends set by your favorite designers, we are here to inspire your next great look everyday.