Andrea: Owner & Buyer 

Andrea's love for styling started in elementary school when she would plan out her outfits a month in advance, styled from head-to-toe and recorded in her journal.  She took this passion and made it into a career after college, working in the fashion district Downtown Los Angeles for 6 years.  After learning the ropes of the business of fashion, she moved down to San Diego and opened her namesake boutique, Van De Vort, which is now going on 10 years.  Andrea is also a mother of two boys, Cannon and Sterling, and a new baby girl, River. 



Roya: E-Comm/Operations Director

Roya is from LA, has a bachelor's degree in Sociology, and has spent most of her life working behind the scene's retail, in one capacity or another. When she isn't working, she loves spending time with her daughter and her dog. 



Brenna: Merchandising Manager

Thrifting is her superpower.  She is obsessed with art history, is currently saving all her money to buy an old muscle car, and her fav food is cotton candy. 



Savanna: Stylist / E-Comm Model 


Savanna started as an intern and worked her way to the floor to be a stylist. She loves working with a team and making connections with customers! She has been shopping with VDV for 5 years, and is excited to be a stylist here for 2 years now! 



Becka: General Manager


Becka is our newest stylist to join the team. She is a born and raised Oceanside girlie. If she were a brand she'd be sponsored by the beach, running, sriracha, sweet potato fries and espresso martinis. Her cat Pickle is the love of her life.




Morgan: Social Media/Marketing Manager  

Morgan is the new social media manager here at VDV. She was born & raised in La Jolla. Outside of work, you can find Morgan breaking a sweat at the gym, playing with her band, or traveling with friends and family. 



Betsy: Stylist 


Betsy has a degree in Fine Art & Interior design and did retail design and merchandising for Anthropologie for 10 years. She has been married for 9 years and has two little blonde babes. Fun Fact: She Met Andrea while shopping at VDV back in 2013. 



Lauren: Stylist


Lauren is a new stylist here at VDV. After working in styling for the last six years in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, she is excited to be back in San Diego! She loves working with clothes and creating outfits for all types of looks…whether it’s casual dinners or red carpet events for A-List celebrities, she has had experience with it all! 



Jenna: Inventory Assistant / Stylist / E-Comm Model

Jenna is our inventory assistant and occasional stylist. She was born and raised locally in Leucadia. She loves everything creative; fashion, drawing, painting, interior design, you name it. She spends most of her free time sewing! 



Elise: Stylist 

Elise can’t be more excited to be part of the stylist team at Van De Vort. Born and raised in San Diego, she is currently studying Environmental Science at Miramar college. When she’s not in the shop, she’s searching for the best new foodie restaurant she can find. 



Emilie: Stylist 

Emilie is one of our stylists on team VDV. When she is not in the shop, she is studying Econ and Political Science at Miramar college. Her favorite things are shopping with friends and going to music festivals. Emilie’s prized possession is her dog, chicken nugget. 



Kat: Stylist

Kat is one of our amazing stylists here at VDV. You’ll only see Kat on the weekends, because during the week she’s busy working in the restoration industry. Originally from the Bay Area, Kat loves spending her down time outdoors or getting lost in a good book. 


Morgan M: Stylist  



Grace: Stylist 


Kendall: Lead Stylist & Assistant Manager

Kendall is our lead stylist and assistant manager.  She grew up in North County San Diego and has had no reason to leave other than her very frequent trips to Vegas. Her favorite things are Vegas, tattoos and shopping WAY more than the average person. Kendall is currently on maternity leave after having her first baby, Abel. Back in 2024!