Road Trip Tips & Essentials

Tis’ the season for road trips with friends! Nothing beats driving in warm weather with the wind in your hair and your favorite Summer playlist on. We're here to give you some of our best road trip tips and show you some of our fave items to pack in your road trip bag! 


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 Road Trip Tips: 


1. Do your research! Road trips are even more fun when you plan out your destinations ahead of time. This prevents wasting time trying to decide what to do and allows you make the most of your trip! 


2. Make a playlist for the drive! Nothing makes a long drive go by faster than listening to all of your favorite songs! Create a playlist that you and all of your road trip buddies can add songs to to make the ultimate road trip playlist. 


3. Load up on snacks! Road trip snacks are an essential. Go to your local grocery store and load up with healthy snacks and meals to keep in a cooler in order to save money during your trip. 


4. Make a road trip bucket list! Plan ahead your road trip must-dos and keep other ideas in mind. This way you can make sure you do all of the things you really want to and if you have time you can do the other ideas you thought of! 


5. Last but not least, take your time! Road tripping and being in nature is super calming, especially with the right people. Take your time exploring your destinations and enjoying the moment and you'll have the best road trip ever! 


Road Trip Essentials:  

Packing all of your fave items is super important when going on a road trip! There's going to be so many photo ops during your trip, and we want to make sure that you're prepared and ready for every one! 



We picked items that have the perfect amount of comfy and cute! We started with the Love Letters Button Down Top because it's comfy to wear while staying cute. The Zed Clean Boyfriend Shorts have a looser fit that makes them perfect to pack with you for long trips. A Summer road trip obviously calls for a swimmie and we chose the Amazon Tie Front Bikini Top and the Amazon Midi Bikini Pant! Pack your favorite pair of slides to slip on and off easily during your road trip.


As for accessories, we suggest you bring a cute canteen bag because it's just big enough to fit all of the essentials. For all of your picnics and days at the beach, we suggest you wear the Le Cesar Hat -hurry, there's only one left in store at our Flower Hill location! Bring your favorite earrings to wear with every outfit, we love the Detached Chain Hoops. Don't forget to shade your eyes with the Kendrin Sunglasses!


These versatile statement pieces are sure to be must-haves in your road trip bag this Summer! Whether you're road tripping all of California or just a few hours away, you're set to make it a memorable vacation! Happy driving babes.




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