DIY: Thread and Nail Sign


This unique DIY is easy to recreate and highly customizable! Pick a word or phrase and hang it in your bedroom, kitchen etc. Disclaimer though, the process does take time, so make some tea, turn up the music and get crafting!

DSC_0154 Step 1: Find a piece of wood and cut it to your desired size. You can keep it it's natural color or paint it white with regular acrylic paint. On Word, type our your desired word or phrase in a large block font. If you do more than one word, make them on separate pages so they are large enough! DSC_0179 Step 2: Cut each letter out individually and trace them on your wood lightly in pencil or pen. Hammer wire nails along the lines your traced. Space the nails about a 1/2 inch apart, and leave about a quarter inch of the nail sticking out. DSC_0192 Step 3: Taking your desired color of embroidery thread, tie a double knot on one nail and start looping the nail around the outline of the letters. Stay close to the wood for this first wrap around. After you meet back up at the first nail that you started with, go crazy! There is no right or wrong way to do it from here, just pull the string from one nail to the next to fill in the blank space. As you continue, bring the string closer to the head of the nail to add dimension to the letters. Step 4: When you have covered the letter with thread to your desired thickness double knot the end on a corner nail to secure! Snip the excess ends of the thread. DSC_0193 Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and 4 for each of the additional letters on your sign! Step 6: If you would like to hang your sign, measure and drill two holes in the top of the wood  approximately 8 inches apart. Use sand paper to scuff up the blank spaces and give the sign a vintage, "shabby chic" look! DSC_7047 Step 7: Find a perfect spot for you beautiful sign in your home and enjoy!! DSC_7050

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