DIY Homemade Granola

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it's difficult to squeeze it in amongst the morning rush. We've got you covered! Granola with greek yogurt or almond milk is a quick, healthy, and delicious option, and it's so easy to make at home! This particular recipe is to-die-for and makes it easy to add or remove ingredients to make it your perfect blend. Make a large batch of the granola on the weekend, and enjoy it throughout the week topped with your favorite fruit!

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 11.13.18 PM Ingredients 4 cups rolled oats 1 cup unsweetened coconut 1 cup nuts (any nuts of your choice! We love a blend of almonds and macadamia nuts) 1 cup sunflower seeds 1/4 cup whole flax seed 1/4 cup ground flax 1/2 cup olive oil 3/4 cup honey DSC_0025

1. Preheat oven to 3oo degrees.

2. Add the four cups of rolled oats to a large bowl.


3. Add all the dry ingredients to the bowl and mix with a large spoon.

DSC_0030 DSC_0032

4. Add honey and olive oil to the bowl, and stir so that they are evenly distributed throughout the other ingredients.

DSC_0034 DSC_0037

5. Spray a baking sheet with Pam and spread the granola evenly. Place the pan in the oven.


6. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Pull out the granola every 1o minutes to stir around the baking sheet. This will help it to not stick together as well as evenly toast it.

7. After 30 minutes, remove the granola from the oven. Pull the granola from the sides immediately. Let it cool for about 10 minutes, then scrape the granola from the bottom of the pan. After letting it cool for an additional twenty minutes, poor the finished granola in an air tight container.


Lastly, ENJOY!!!



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