Byron Bay Days

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Breathtaking beaches. Gorgeous people, amazing  fresh food. All the spiritual/yoga retreats you could ask for and best surf spots in the world is how I'd describe this little surf utopia. No, I didn't want to leave and was utterly heart broken when my one year working visa was up. So much so, I almost wanted to grab the next Aussie guy I saw and purpose marriage, almost did after I had one too many at the local pub one night! IMG_2422 But. While I was there I really soaked up the culture and fashion. I'd never lived in a place with such a different take on bohemian style. I was in heaven! I'd just lived in Indonesia for a year and that was just bikinis and bare feet. Occasionally the little laid back beach dress if you were going to a nice dinner or out around town. So getting to this place was so fresh, and a total new take on bohemian fashion. It taught me so much on how to mix different textures, colors, prints, and ultimately to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, and makes you feel unique. So I've come up with 10 fashion tips/ lessons Byron Bay taught me about finding and cultivating your own bohemianess and unique sense of style.   1. The Floppy Hat- Oh the floppy hat, some love it some hate it, I personally love it, it adds a unique pop to any  outfit for her or him.  Best for the beach. With that harsh Aussie sun me and my floppy hat became inseparable and best of all, it's a nice little add to a relaxed beach outfit. 000010860019 2.Embracing CRAZY  Prints - I know it might look crazy at first but trust me, crazy prints are awesome! With everything from band tee's to sweet cheetah pants or any animal print, and voila you have the best outfit for a nice casual date or just day out. Add bangles, crystal jewelry or turkish silver jewelry and your set!imprim__s_60_s_829760657_north_883x 3. Animal Print- I was hesitant to try the whole animal print situation. I didn't know how to wear it and thought cheetah and any other animal print was a bit tacky, but I wanted to expand my sense of style and get out of my comfort zone. So, one day I bought myself a cheetah skirt at a garage sale in Byron for $5 and decided to try the whole animal print thing out for myself. I wore my sweet new cheetah skirt a band tee I'd had for forever, loads of my favorite turkish jewelry pieces and black leather and wood wedges. I got so many complements on my outfit, I was sold!  Now I have animal print kimonos, pants, skirts, I love it all! Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset 4. Mixing Patterns- Hmm, what to say about mixing patterns, basically its all about being comfortable with what your wearing and just rocking some flannel with lace for example. Or a floral kimono and animal print! Mixing patterns is all about being a little funky and going outside the box. It's  always fun to try on some different patterns and see what great combos come out of it. scftrouser1_large 5. Lace- I've been obsessed with lace lately! It adds such an elegant bohemian flare while still keeping things feminine and delicate. Lace dresses are my recent favorites. You can wear them with booties, wedges, heels, basically all shoes. Keep it simple with natural beachy hair lots of jewelry, or just a statement piece necklace, earrings, ring, or bangles. There's just so many ways to wear lace. One lace piece in your closest and you'll be sure to have endless outfits! vdv - 4 6. Kimonos- Kimono's are my favorite go-to item when I have no idea what to wear and need something quick that gives an outfit that extra something. You can throw it on over just about anything and the outfit goes from boring, to flowy and beachy, or dress it up with a tight dress and wedges. It'll make any outfit just right! 000010910014 7. Keepin It Natural- We give too much importance to nails, hair, make- up, always being done. There's something beautiful about seeing a woman just embrace her natural self. I'm not saying don't take care of yourself and start looking like Hagrid. What I'm saying is take of yourself naturally, eat right, have an exercise routine, drink lots of water, moisturize, exfoliate, and hit the beach, and let the sun take care of the rest. You'll exude radiance, and then there won't be any need for the other stuff.  Don't forget sunscreen! 000010900004 8. Jewelry The More The Better-  One can never have enough jewelry! If you need to give an outfit that extra umph just add big statement pieces. My recent favorites are big, turkish or afghan hand made pieces, you can find them at any local artisan market or online, type Turkish or Afgan jewelry and you'll be sure to see a few options pop up!   sl_vandevort-14 (1) 9.  Unkept Hair - Personally, I love the just out of the beach look. One trick is (if you live by a beach) wash your hair then go for a dip in the ocean and just let your hair air dry, and of course shower afterward but keep your hair up, and TA-DA perfectly messy beach hair. The sun and salt will give it that natural highlighted look. Effortless, natural, and FREE. If you don't live by a beach I'm posting a DIY on how to make your own natural salt water spray for the same effect, stay tuned! a7165916c72611e3a72c0002c9df4080_8 10. Attitude- Lastly, and of the biggest thing Byron taught me was that you can have the best style, and all the right clothes but it's ones attitude toward life and yourself that really make everything come together. 'Bohemian' isn't just a style it's a way of life and it should beautifully reflect that. Being happy, loving yourself and others. Wanting to do good for the planet and yourself. Keeping your heart open, showing love, kindness, and an eager curiosity for what life has to offer and showing love for the planet. To me that's true bohemian. Now go put all these tips and tricks to action my bohemian beauties!

Lots of love and good vibes



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