Long Hair By Summer: Biotin

Allure and Instyle and Vogue magazine messed with our heads this Winter. They told us chopping off our hair would give us a "fresh start" and make us feel like a "new woman". We saw pictures of celebrities with chin-length bobs and thought to ourselves "I can pull that off". We didn't realize that celebs have full-time glam squads to help them when things get ugly. We also forgot that short hair, however beautiful, is not effortless...it's a lot of work. As fun and educational as our short hair has been this winter season...we are sort of ready to have our easy, long beach waves back. Luckily, summer is about 5 months away, giving us plenty of time to grow our hair long again. How so? With the help of Biotin!! I'm sure you have heard about biotin from pregnant women as a prenatal vitamin, but it's actually great for all women! All of the Victoria's Secret Angels swear by this stuff. Basically, Biotin is a supplement that is full of B vitamins and is found naturally in the body. Biotin helps limp hair regain its shine and strength and makes hair grow really fast. This supplement is the best because it not only helps your hair grow, but also strengthens your nails and clears up your skin! Who doesn't want all those things? Also, this supplement is naturally vegan and safe. Now do you see why all Victoria's Secret Angels take it? If you start taking Biotin now, your hair will be longer and healthier than ever this summer! Pick it up in supplement form at any Whole Foods Market, local health food store, or herebiotinBeachy-Waves-Back-View-of-Sexy-Long-Wavy-Beach-Hair-You can thank us later for the glowing skin and long beautiful hair! XOXO, VDV

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