In Case You Missed It: Week Recap

Happy Saturday! This was a busy week for the VDV Babes! We started out on Monday with some seriously helpful tips on how to grow your hair quickly...because let's face it we all need long beach waves for summer. Lucky for you, it's super simple to achieve!Beachy-Waves-Back-View-of-Sexy-Long-Wavy-Beach-Hair- For Travel Tuesday this week, we decided to spend some time in West Hollywood! We give tons of travel tips and packing advice that are essential for any Hollywood getaway. Ever wonder where to stay with so many options in LA? We have everything you need for an amazing weekend away. 577893_68_z On Wednesday we decided to share one of our favorite quick and easy recipes with all of you! We swear by our store-bought to home-made hummus. You have to see how we make it! It couldn't be easier. We don't really consider ourselves if we can make something tasty, you definitely can!IMG_5042-575x383_thumb This Thursday we took you down memory lane with a few of our favorite jackets and showed you their new modern sisters! Fashion trends are always being reinvented and changed, we love getting inspired by pieces from the past.stela-9-fashion-moments-almost-famous   We had a ton of coffee on Thursday, so we decided to post twice! Our second post is dedicated to our love of Septum Piercings...we are seriously obsessed with them! We give tons of inspo that will have you running in to VDV to grab a faux septum piercing or maybe persuade you enough to go get the real thing! 1-Septum-photosize-   We ended the week on a fashionable note by showcasing one of our favorite jewelry brands Torchlight, we also mention how it's the perfect brand to spice up any dull weekend wardrobe! We hope after reading this post you'll be as obsessed as we are. aastrialarge1 Happy Weekend!! XOXO, VDV

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