Why You Need A Diptyque Candle

Happy Wednesday! A few weeks ago we told you why you need rose water, last week we suggested that you do a little bedroom makeover...and this Wednesday we're taking it a step further and recommending our fav French candles to brighten up your week! Diptyque candles are everything. They have the most unique scents and are absolutely beautiful. This brand is an institution and has been leading the pack in the land of candles forever. We couldn't be more obsessed. Here's the story of what we're currently burning... Diptyque started in Paris in 1961 with three best friends coming together creatively. Christiane Gautrot, Yves Couslant, and Desmond Knox-Leet started in all different creative careers and combined their passions, creating the brand. They initially only sold candles but eventually expanded to perfumes and cleansers. This brand is chic and totally unexpected, which is why we're obsessed with it. Each candle is influenced by a different part of the world and you can smell a sense of culture in every one. With scents like Jasmine, Violet,Firewood, and classic favorites like Baies & Tieulle, Diptyque will never run out of new products for you to covet. They have the most creative scents of any brand we've discovered so far. Candles are definitely a necessity for the VDV babes... These things will seriously spice up your babe cave! You can thank us later. 6919-DEFAULT-Ldiptyque-candles-feu-de-boisdiptyque-candles-oyedotrappcandle_2268_155214731XOXO, VDV

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