Accessories You Need Now: Cleobella

Can we just take a minute to gush over all the new Cleobella leather that just landed at VDV HQ?! We are sort of losing it over here..... I mean how good are these bags?! Cleobella seriously killed it, they always do. Let's start at the beginning with this Brooklyn Backpack. This backpack is going to make you want to throw away every other backpack you own. Immediately. The fact that it's white is also a HUGE PLUS. White is definitely a trend that's here to stay. White leather accessories are the easiest way to get a piece of this trend without investing too much just in feel me? If you haven't tried any white accessories, this Brooklyn Backpack is an amazing place to start and will probably kickstart a white leather accessory obsession for years to come. The best part of this bag? The fact that there isn't really a structure to the bag is a great thing because it'll get really cool and slouch-y with age. Trust us, Cleobella products are built to LAST and get better with age. So don't worry, their bags are investment pieces for life. Another classic Cleobella detail? The studs on the bottom of the backpack. These are actually multipurpose and not just pretty. When you place this white leather on the ground or a table or floor...wherever, the studs protect the soft leather on the bottom so the bag lasts a long time and stays as pretty as when you first got it. The next accessory on the list is the Mexicana Soft Leather Wallet in white. Again....white accessories are EVERYTHING. So after you purchase the Brooklyn Backpack and realize after a few days that you need a new wallet...this would be the one to snag. This is a classic Cleobella staple. We have always loved carrying the Mexicana Wallet because it is amazing quality and we love the hand-done details. Each piece of Cleobella is unique because the leather is all different, so we know we're getting one of a kind pieces when we buy Cleobella. The Cleobella Pike bag is the next must-have. This bag just doesn't disappoint. It's really hard to beat...I mean, studs and black leather? This bag couldn't be more badass...but it definitely still has a softer, approachable side with the smooth leather and feminine shape. Cleobella is great at combining hard and soft in a really cool, funky, and bohemian way. Their bags always outlast every other in your closet. We finish off with the Cleobella Vanna Fringe Bag. This piece is Cleobella to a T. Everything you could want in a Cleobella product is in this purse. You have soft leather, black fringe, and studs! I mean. What could be better? It's not a horrible problem to have to choose between all these Cleo products...I mean life could be worse right?   brooklynbackpack1 brooklynbackpack2 mexicanawalltetwhite pikebagcleobella2 pikebagcleobella3 vannafringe5 vannafringebag2Happy Shopping!! XOXO, Alex  

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