Trending: The Micro-Romper

Happy Wednesday, babes! I have spoken about the "Micro-Romper" trend before, and I'm happy to say it's still going strong! Our latest shipment of The Jetset Diaries has us forever into this micro-romper trend and it solidifies the fact that this trend isn't going ANYWHERE. We are so happy to see this trend going strong for Spring and ultimately Summer. Again...we want to see leg!! We love it! This Jetset Love Struck Micro-Romper is EVERYTHING. It screams "Coachella" and will be an easy outfit staple long after festival season! We love this one for the fact that it's so simple, and cut in such a flattering way. Coral and white are both huge for spring and will look amazing with a little desert tan...luckily for you, there isn't much fabric to work with here so the tan lines will be minimal! These days we love a spaghetti strap because it's so classic. In this case it's so 60s flower child, but in an effortless way. You could also take this super 90s with a little Child of Wild choker and stacked sandal for your days in the desert. jetsetcoralromper jetsetcoralromper4 jetsetsoralromper1 jetsetwhiteromper1 jetsetwhiteromper2 jetsetwhiteromper3

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