3 Ways to Wear the Cactus Skirt: Day to Beach to Night

Cactus Skirt Somedays Lovin Our Desert Oasis look book celebrates a funky and vintage-inspired take on festival fashion. Adding unique touches to your wardrobe sets you apart from the crowd and will get you noticed during festival season, or any given Tuesday. Cactus Skirt Close Up Crop Designer Somedays Lovin really captures the funky, young, and effortless vibe our Desert Oasis festival trends are all about.

What's our fave statement piece from Desert Oasis?

The How Sweet It Is Cactus Skirt. We chose this piece for its amazing pattern and flattering silhouette. No matter what kind of VDV babe you are, this skirt is our Desert Oasis featured piece and can easily be worked into your existing wardrobe.

One Skirt, Three Rockin Options

This Somedays Lovin How Sweet It Is Cactus Skirt is such a versatile piece. However, as funky as this piece can be, it's extremely easy to incorporate into many different looks. From the festival to a casual day, to the beach, and even to a night on the town...this skirt keeps delivering. The small cactus print may be the initial reason you fall in love with this piece, but the insanley flattering cut and versatility will keep you coming back for more. Desert Oasis is all about getting creative and mixing patterns and prints. Have a good time with your clothes this Spring! That's what we plan on doing.

Day Look with the Cactus Skirt

Day Look Cactus Skirt Chambray and Gladiator Sandals This look is such a classic spring outfit, just made a bit more modern with the statement sandal and new silhouettes. Usually, the chambray shirt would be a button-up collared number, this time around its cut into a super-modern tee shirt, keeping the color and vibe light and airy. Pairing this all-around light look with a eye-catching statement shoe takes the look up a notch and makes the look very bold and very "desert oasis". Get ready for your fashion risk and most definitely the reward. Find these items in the Shop: Chambray Shirt and Gladiator Sandals.

Beach Look with the Cactus Skirt

Beach Look Cactus Skirt Graphic Tee Cheetah Bikini This look is the perfect mix of classic boho-festival-funky style mixed with the new way desert oasis styles a look. By mixing the cheetah with the cactus print skirt, the look goes to a whole new level of cool-girl style. Get ready to be featured on every single fashion blog at the festival...or even just the beach. Find these items in the Shop: Mate the Label Graphic Tee and Leather Ankle Booties.

Night Look with the Cactus Skirt

Night Look Cactus Skirt and Tank with Black Heels This look is so great because it really shows just how versatile this skirt can be. yes, you can rock it with a bright bikini, but you can also pair it with a classic stone cold fox black tank and feel amazing for a nice dinner or drinks with the girls. Add a child of wild necklace and some FP black heels and you'll feel like a whole new woman while still creating a desert oasis fun vibe. Find these items in the Shop: Child of Wild Necklace

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