"Neo-Boho": Stone Cold Fox Highlight

Designer Stone Cold Fox Takes Center Stage For VDV's 3rd Lookbook:  "Neo-Boho" has landed, our third Festival Fortunes trend lookbook for this season...and this time around, Stone Cold Fox makes a huge splash, making themselves known as a huge designer to look out for this festival season. Trust me, you'll see them out in the desert. scfblackcroptop2 scfblackmaxi3 scfnateblouseblack   Stone Cold Fox is such a cool way to go for the festival because it's a bit more constructed and dare I say, dressy. I don't want to freak you out by saying that, but I only say it's dressier because it CAN be styled that way. The fact that you can make their looks dressy but also pair them with busted-up boots or converse and rock it both ways is why we love their pieces. You are getting serious quality and diversity when you get a SCF piece. Duh. This time around SCF knocked it out of the park with effortless, feminine, and romantic looks that are very minimal but constructed beautifully.....and this is exactly what "Neo-Boho" is ALL about. We are turning the usual boho babe on her head and bringing her to modern day. No more flower crowns here, ladies. The boho girl has gone simplistic. She took off her layers of jewels and headbands and tie-dye and got a bit more chic and modern...while still keeping her wild heart and bohemian spirit. Can you get down with this new boho? WE CAN! SCF is "Neo-Boho" to a T, plus we love the variety they offer. I mean, they make it impossible to choose what you want to rock over the summer festival weekends that you may need to go both weekends to wear all the outfits you buy after reading this. Am I right? SCF is THAT good. You can edge up their pieces with scuffed up boots like our model Kylie in "Neo-Boho" or you can wear your hair long and beautiful with a turquoise neck piece like model Leore! Both ways are totally "Neo-Boho" and fit the vibe. aa0884d38b96e00366d9473833b515a5 788e43949b1a27df2472e22bcf89f8d4 3fdd030bc71cfaa890e31607c0e169a7 NpKtQ6iwUt2BfQGKHp4uYdC5L8RmUzIVneaKv5e5AEY m-8mqWn5b30oF636bMIYifkltAj-0vloaPK8aFqffJI,p6G7eAY_Cyz9-ZgmhZr2rWpBUdDtGrQ1t2KHmg9wan4 fe6d7808e0132d94f3ced134b668c0fb e94514d37cf590cca0c303d353cebd77 e2b0b0e59803a9d76df15e5e937ff5e6 XOXO, Alex

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