These babe-a-licious towels are seriously cool and cute. We can't keep them in the store and there's a very obvious reason why...the prints and patterns are so unique! We love their take on the classic striped beach towel and their Seafan print is definitely a must-have piece to covet this spring and summer. The cool thing about this brand is the fact that you can rock it on the sand, or bring it to a hip little pool party. These beach towels are so soft and are guaranteed to be the envy of all the rest. Ruby Mint definitely knows what women want when it comes to their beach's a huge summer accessory, so it deserves to make as much of a statement as anything else. This season, the focus is on the beach towel. SEAFAN2-409x720_grandeRM-004-CABANA-e1428037117293-480x640MERIDIAN1-400x720_grande Here at VDV HQ we take our beach days and our pool days very, everything must be perfect on our day off in the sun. So naturally, Ruby Mint seriously saved us from the woes of discovering the best and brightest beach towel. I mean, it just doesn't get much better. We feel like suiting up in the latest Acacia and hitting the sand. A huge plus? The fact that these towels are so cute you can rock is as a blanket when the sun goes down and the bonfires begin. Seriously...the perfect summer accessory. XOXO, Alex

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