Some festivals may have ended leaving us feeling a little sad and down in need of serious inspiration...never fear, we have you covered. After the festival ends, we feel like we need to cleanse. Well literally, we need to juice cleanse after the weekend we had, but we also want to cleanse our wardrobe and go super modern and minimal. It just feels right. We just came off of a high-stimulation weekend, full of bright patterns, prints, and loud music, so we want the opposite. We're simplifying our lives...for the time being that is. Luckily for us, some super cool and modern pieces just landed at VDV HQ...get ready to feel instantly more calm the second you lay eyes on these pretty pieces. Modern and minimalist fashion is ALWAYS a good idea. Seriously, it's not even a trend, it's more of an option that'll always be there. The wonderful thing about dressing this way is the fact that you always look chic, put together, and powerful in a subtle way. Modern and minimal fashion can be a little feminine or it can come across more the opportunities are endless. Plus when you go minimal, there really is no need to fuss with too many accessories. Let's face it...we're all so tired after our festival weekends...minimalist fashion is about all we want to handle. Throw your hair into a chic bun and call it a day.



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