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Get The Vibe

Our latest lookbook is going to feature our newest shipments of The Jetset Diaries, mixed with funky chunky knits from MinkPink and cool sunnies from Valley Eyewear. We decided to go this quirky route because we're being heavily influenced by cool girls who have fun with fashion and experiment...This is where our head is at. We can't get enough of Cailin Russo's instagram and are really into off-beat hair color and miss-matched accessories. It's about giving off a young vibe and having fun with fashion. It's the spring, and that's the best time to reinvent your style and your fashion...why not be fearless and wear clothes that you really enjoy. We are entering a time in life where individuality is celebrated. We love it. We love each of our VDV babes for their unique style. We get inspiration from all of our shoppers and VDV family all over the world. Be funky with it. Dye your hair pink. Now's the time. Don't be afraid to pair unexpected pieces together. Don't listen to judgement or anyone else who says your outfit is weird...the weirder the better. As we were discovering places to shoot this lookbook, a ton of different locations were brought up...but we really wanted to make something new and different. We wanted to pair classic resort-wear The Jetset Diaries with funky knit tee shirts and band tees...who would think to do that? We did.

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