Summer Blogger Series: VDV x Racquel Natasha

T-tOntzsS7Eu_f5YKF794FQIUmEQnjWeAHdxGsEAYiY This Summer we've decided to do something a little different for our new lookbooks! We've turned to you, our VDV babes who shop with us and love the brand, to give us inspiration this summer. By joining forces with bloggers, we're becoming so inspired from different ways of styling a single piece. Every look is so different on each girl. Everyone has their own story to tell, and that's what inspires us. All of you. So with this in mind, we are happy to introduce our first Summer Blogger Collaboration entitled Wild Native with Racquel Natasha! Racquel is, first of all, totally stunning. She has a classic style we're obsessed with and feel like her style speaks to many different kinds of girls. Her blog not only discusses fashion tips and cute styling, but also beauty advice and fun lifestyle posts…she does it all! We wanted our first summer lookbook to have a very natural vibe. Loose, beach-y hair paired with dusty boots and bold colors. We wanted her to be in the wild. Summer is all about letting go of strict rules…pair a bold bathing suit with tons of necklaces and a hat and just keep layering. Anything goes, especially with a bohemian flare. Wildflowers surrounded Racquel as the shoot began in all new Flynn Skye…I mean, does it get any more dreamy? Then she stood strong on the dunes and we knew something special was happening…For us, summer had just begun. As the day progressed and the fog rolled in, we went to the sea for some final shots. It was pure magic. The wind was going crazy and the ocean was becoming choppy…wild. The strong breeze worked to Racquel's advantage and only made her look more ethereal, dancing around the waves in the latest Stillwater. Nature was really in charge of this lookbook, we began in a forest with flowers, then sandy dunes and rocks, then prickly cacti, and then the ocean. Racquel's wardrobe for the shoot had to be earthy, easy, and flow-y. You can't fight your surroundings, you must adapt…and that's what she did. Native to the land she danced upon. We captured the essence of summer. Let your clothes be free and your hair be natural. Forget about makeup and go outside, just remember to bring a piece of Flynn Skye or Cleobella with you. After our Wild Native shoot, I asked fashion blogger Racquel a few questions about summer, her style, blogging, and some of her fav trends! Get to know Racquel Natasha: 1. How did you get in to blogging? For the last 5 years I have been reading and following fashion blogs and finally when I graduated school I had the time to start my own! 2. Who are your style inspirations? Fellow bloggers, like myself, really inspire me! Song of style definitely influenced me, too. 3. What brands do you currently covet? The Jetset Diaries, Style Stalker,Indah, Stone Cold Fox. 4. What are some big summer trends you're seeing? 70s is definitely back! Flare jeans are in! 5. What does every girl need for summer? SPF 40 and at least 5 bikinis! 6. How would you describe your style? Versatile... I wear pretty much everything and try to change my look anywhere from classic to boho! 7. How long have you been blogging? 8 months! 8. What is your go-to summer look? High waisted jean shorts and a crop tops! We LOVE Racquel's classic bohemian style & are so excited about the collaboration... XOXO, Alex #SummerBloggerSeries #WildNative #ShopVanDeVort #RacquelNatasha ZzKsGhWlAfY7w8xh4vZlKklZUySdcfztvbQ0srj98VA

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