Last Minute Halloween Costumes (That Don't Suck)

Last minute Halloween costumes that don't suck Halloween is officially five days away and we're scared sh*tless. Not because of all the creepy decor, but because we've still got no freaking idea what we're going to be and last minute costumes never work out. You either resort to something totally lame (Tom Cruise from Risky Business? Again? Really??) OR spend the equivalent of a couple week's worth of Starbucks on something tacky and store-bought. And for the fashion set, nothing is scarier than being forced into dorky, cheap polyester. So this year, we're changing the game. Rather than wasting our money at chintzy Halloween stores, we've decided to take pieces already in our closets, add accessories, and create our own one-of-a-kind costumes. playboy bunny costume DIY, lace bunny ears, MLM romper

Bunny Babe

Playboy has officially given up on nudity (no, really), and with that, we're taking a modern approach on the classic Playboy Bunny costume. This one's perfect for anyone ready to give up on the excessively skimpy Halloween costumes from years past and requires just two pieces: your cutest romper and a pair of lacy bunny ears. Cleopatra DIY costume, last minute Halloween costume, child of wild jewels

Queen of the Nile

For a babe who ruled Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra's white maxi dress and gold jewels feel pretty damn current. Unfortunately the Queen of the Nile missed the Instagram craze by about two thousand years--so with no photographic evidence of what she truly looked like, we're going off Elizabeth Taylor's interpretation. Edie Sedgwick, Factory Girl, DIY Halloween Costume, Leopard Swing Coat

Factory Girl

Some of the most iconic film-inspired fashion happened when present-day It Girl Sienna Miller played OG It Girl Edie Sedgwick in the movie Factory Girl. Have a majorly mod moment this Halloween by pairing a striped, '60s-inspired shift dress with a leopard swing coat and statement earrings. Don't forget the frosty white shadow and a killer cat eye. Sexy Vampire Halloween Costume, For Love and Lemons Penelope Mini Dress

Vampy Vampire

Vampires suck (blood), but this VDV version of a vampire costume does not. Stray away from teenybopper, Twilight-inspired getups and put a vampy twist on this time-tested Halloween classic. A lacy, Victorian-inspired dress paired with fangs and a gothy velvet choker make this one of the easiest costumes ever. A pair of statement-making ankle booties wouldn't hurt either.

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