Need A Vacation? Here's Your Packing List

Spell and the gypsy collective aloha fox blouse Let's not dance around the subject. It's cold AF out, the sun sets before we can even make our commutes home, and the post-holiday comedown is so real. How's a girl to cope? Aside from taking better care of yourself and slathering your skin with coconut oil (coconut oil is always the answer), we're firm believers that a quick getaway on a three-day weekend banishes winter woes faster than just about anything else. And would you look at that? There's MLK Day on the horizon, just waiting for you to take advantage of that Monday off. Maybe you're like us and have been planning an epic stay somewhere sunny for weeks...or maybe you've just been pleasantly surprised by the news of this upcoming three-day weekend and are now scouring Airbnb, Google Flights and the like, plotting your great escape. Trust us, you need this vacation...and you deserve for it to be as stress-free as possible, which is why we've pulled together this packing list, giving you one less thing to worry about. Spell and the Gypsy Collective Aloha Fox Top, One Teaspoon Cobaine Bandits, Raen Sunglasses Not to be a buzzkill right off the bat, but a three-day weekend is exactly what it sounds like. THREE DAYS. So that means there's absolutely no need to pack your entire closet complete with hourly shoe changes. One Teaspoon cutoffs are always a good idea, as are a pair of oversized sunnies to protect your ojos from both sun exposure and gnarly next-day hangovers. A relaxed, peasant-style top in a punchy boho print like this one from Spell And The Gypsy Collective makes enough of a statement that some simple jewelry (we're impartial to this antler necklace by Tess + Tricia) is all you need to finish off the outfit. Free People Tula Top, Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace, Free People Marquis Boot, Stone Cold Fox Scorpio Bloomers While traveling, we prefer a top-plus-bottom combo over one piece ensembles like dresses and rompers. Here's why: should plans change (like when unexpected weather hits or you deciding to YOLO and call into work for an extra day of vacay), being able to mix and match the pieces in your suitcase is key. An off-the-shoulder blouse is one of the most versatile pieces you can pack. With denim, it's the perfect day outfit, and easily transitions to a night-out look with these Stone Cold Fox Scorpio Bloomers. A turquoise squash blossom necklace makes for a killer statement piece, and is substantial enough to stand alone, without the help of other accessories. Indah Cooper One Piece, Raen Sunglasses, Free People Cobaine Bandits Of course, we never recommend going anywhere without a swimsuit. Even if your destination isn't beachside, should an opportunity to hit the pool arise, you won't want to be left hanging. This python printed one piece by Indah doubles as a bodysuit, so it's perfect for tucking into cutoffs and pairing with brown leather ankle booties for a quick, casual outfit. Chaser I Heart Vacation Tee, VNDA Harem Jogger Pants, travel outfit, airport outfit "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." While we might beg to differ in some instances (for example, when you're Hailey Baldwin in St. Barts with the Biebs), the journey can definitely be an adventure in itself. Whether traveling by plane or car, comfort is key. We love VNDA joggers because unlike your flannel PJs, you won't feel embarrassed wearing them out, and when paired with sneakers and this Chaser sweatshirt that speaks straight to our hearts, you've got yourself a comfy, casual ensemble that doesn't look totally lazy.

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