What To Wear To Work: Kendall + Kylie Edition

We'll be the first to admit. When word first broke that Kendall and Kylie were coming out with a contemporary clothing line, we had a lot of expectations. Chic? Yes. Sexy? Yes. Work appropriate? Not so much. It's not that we doubt the duo's ability to cater to the working woman; they are some serious boss babes themselves, with Kendall leading the charge on seemingly every NYFW runway, and Kylie absolutely slaying us with her ever-elusive lip kit (which we're STILL trying to get our hands on BTW, so if you've got a hookup, let us know). It's just that their idea of work is probably, nay, definitely a lot different than the 9-to-5s most of us are used to. Showing up to the office in our Calvins or a candy colored wig, unfortunately, isn't an option. So when their eponymous line made its way in store with these pants in tow, let's just say we were pleasantly surprised. While there's no shortage of pieces that showcase their signature sex appeal (like this peplum halter), we can honestly say that we did not see a pair of office appropriate trousers coming. But you know what? We're so glad they did. Kendall + Kylie Pleat Crop Trousers, Work Outfit Though the pattern is decidedly more funky that what you might typically wear to the office, when paired with a simple black top and a low heeled sandal, these structured crop trousers feel totally work appropriate. The front pleating adds a polished finishing touch, and we love the way the swingy, long hemline looks almost like a midi skirt. Of course, when it comes to work accessories, we think keeping it simple is best---a single gold chain works perfectly here. (And when the weekend finally rolls around? We love the idea of pairing these crops with this matching tie back halter for a fresh take on the matchy matchy trend.) Kendall + Kylie Pleat Crop Trousers, Work Outfit

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