Spring Cleaning: Six Tips To Declutter Your Closet

There's so much to love about spring: warmer weather, the start of wedding season (open bars! dancing! OPEN BARS!!), and the fact that Coachella is so close we can practically taste that first slice of Spicy Pie. Despite all the good stuff this season brings with it, there's one daunting task on everyone's to-do list: spring cleaning those closets. Annoying, but necessary. And while you could argue that spring is still a few weeks out, this is one chore we'd rather get done ASAP, which is why this year we're getting a head start. Here are six tips for decluttering your closet. Spring cleaning, Closet cleaning, Closet organization, declutter closet

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Kanye said it best: "One good girl is worth a thousand bitches." Similarly, one real, high quality leather jacket is better than three plasticky fake ones. If you're holding onto flimsy, cheap versions of your favorites as backup or "just in case"---don't. Get rid of 'em, and vow to take really good care of the piece you keep.

Be Meticulous

While combing through your closet, keep an eye out for stains, frays, broken zippers and the like. If the piece in question is one you seriously love, put it in your car immediately so that next time you're out running errands, it's ready to be taken to a tailor for repair. Not sure if it's worth the cost of the repair, or the time spent to take it in? Let it go.

Think In Threes

Each piece in your closet should be versatile enough that you can come up with three outfit ideas around it, off the top of your head. The only exception is statement pieces; for a bright dress or bold patterned jacket, you should be able to think up three occasions to which you'd wear it. If it's the type of thing you can only wear once, and you've already worn it---give it to a friend who'll give it a second chance.

Wear It Now

Most people argue that if you're on the fence about a piece, you should store it in the back of your closet and if after six months you haven't missed it, you can get rid of it guilt free. We aren't most people. When performing a serious closet purge, we like to stick to a "no storing" rule. If you truly can't decide on a piece, try it on then and there, snap a selfie, and get a second opinion.

Store Seasonally

There's one exception to the "no storing" rule, and it only applies to seasonal items. As we inch closer to spring, it's time to move your heavy coats, thick sweaters and boots into storage boxes. Be honest with yourself and only keep the items you're sure you'll want to wear again next fall and winter. When the time comes to open that box back up, try each piece on as you unpack, and only put it back in your closet if you're still in love.

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