Birthday Gifts: Astrology Edition

Hi babes! With Leo, Virgo, and Libra seasons all coming up there's probably some birthdays that you're going to have to buy for! Luckily, we have the perfect gift guide for what to buy each of these signs!


Leo Gift: Being a fire sign, the Leo is a confident, enthusiastic, and generous girl. Due to her self confidence and energy, we picked out some bright statement pieces that the Leo girl would definitely love to get for her birthday. 



We chose bright colors for this confident and outgoing girl. We started with the Ribbed Bralette in a fun neon green! The Rainbow Detached Hoops are the cutest accessory to rock for the birthday girl. Finish off your gift with the Snake Envelope Cardholder


Virgo Gift: The Virgo girl is known to be fashionable, organized, and hard-working, so for her birthday we picked out some trendy pieces that we think she would absolutely love!  



For this gift, we started with the Lauren Top because it's a cute and trendy swim top or you could wear it as a bralette with a buttondown and shorts! Circle bags are super in right now. Come in store at our Del Mar location to get this one in orange or shop the Eline Canteen online! Hoops like the Lily Detatched Hoops are the perfect finishing touch for this birthday girl.   


Libra Gift: As an Air sign, the Libra is a social butterfly who's flirty and charming! For her birthday, we picked some cute pieces that we think the Libra would love to socialize in at her birthday party! 



This girl needs a flirty and fun gift to fit her personality! We chose the Phoebe Top. Then, we picked the 20's Sunnies because they stand out just like a Libra girl. The Veronica Hoops are great and simple earrings to match this gift! 


Hopefully you got some inspo on what to buy your friends for their upcoming birthdays! If you're one of these signs, maybe you can add some items to your wishlist, or treat yourself during your upcoming astrology season! 




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