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Is there anything better than a workday sweat sesh to release all that stress? BODY ROK  has opened their second San Diego location in One Paseo and we are positively psyched. Get working on that bod in pilates reformer sculpt classes like no other.

Push yourself to be the best version of you: by surrounding yourself with others who will motivate you. BODY ROK One Paseo is sleek, clean, and exactly what your body has been needing. In just 40 minutes, you can fuel your metabolism, increase your energy levels, and sculpt your body. And, let’s not forget their three-stage lighting system that will guide you through each part of the class. Oh, and did we mention their exclusive BODYROK REFORMER equipment that includes a jump board, spring adjustments, bungee, 3 sets of ropes, and more? Well, that’s there too.

So come get your sweat on with the VDV babes at BODY ROK One Paseo.

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