Current Obsession: Calming Products

Hi Babes! 
This year has been all about wellness, beauty, bliss- you name it. The holiday season can be crazy stressful and it’s important to take small moments and good measures for your personal health and wellbeing. Incorporating tiny steps and products into your everyday routine can improve your mindset. We’re ready to share a few of our favorite small home products and tips to ease your mind- cause it’s the little things in life, right? 
Dreamy Crystals and Rollers
Brighten your skin and soul with beautiful, soothing stones. Facial rollers have been at the top of beauty expert’s lists for boosting blood flow and circulation in your face. (And, they make the perfect holiday gift!) Keep your roller in the fridge and use it first thing in the morning to detoxify and tighten your skin. Our favorite brand? Love Tatum. We carry rollers in five different stones: Jade, Opalite, Rose Quartz, Howlite, and Black Obsidian. Each one has different healing properties, so pick which one sounds best for you! 
Calming Candles 
There’s nothing more soothing than lighting up your space with a nice scented candle- you know the feeling, right? Create an amazing ambiance every morning and night with one of DEHV Candle Co.’s hand-poured candles. These large 11oz candles are ethically made with 100% soy wax. Choose between the scents Wander (hints of musk, sandalwood, patchouli, and cedar) or Botanist (eucalyptus, soil, flower buds, oak moss, and fresh herb). 
Pretty Scents
We’ve been living by Soohyang’s quote “Life is Better When You Smell Nice.” Soohyang is a leading fragrance brand from South Korea that creates candles, diffusers, home sprays, and wax tablets, all from natural ingredients. The products come in the cutest pink packaging to make your space fragrant, as well as visually pleasing. Relieve stress and improve your sleep patterns with these to-die-for scents! Shop in-store only at both Van De Vort locations.
We hope we gave you some simple inspiration for creating a blissful, warm atmosphere. Check back soon for more goods to brighten up your home!

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