We couldn’t be more excited to announce sweater weather is finally here! In San Diego we may experience warmer than usual autumn temps, but cute sweaters are still very-much essential in our wardrobe. This season we’re seeing tons of earth tones. From nude to cream to burnt orange, this season has us feeling like driving thousands of miles along Route 66 & stopping to check out every bit of nature we can. As we all know, 2020 has been the year of comfort, and sweaters have become the perfect cozy excuse to leave our hoodies at home. We’ve been pairing our chunky knits with silk skirts & our go-to favorite handbags. A chunky cream sweater pairs perfectly with an off-white maxi dress & statement sunnies. We’re really feeling the western trends that we’re seeing right now in fashion, and it’s really translated well into sweater season. Mesa-hued knits are popping up everywhere & we adore pairing these pieces with a cool cowboy hat or cowboy boots. The trend really can’t not make you feel & look cool. Another trend we’re seeing is an interesting play on scale. We’re seeing cropped, boxy sweaters & oversized chunky knits. We adore both trends as there’s a time and place for an oversized moment as well as a barely there knit. We love pairing a cropped sweater with vintage denim & cowboy boots and love adding an oversized chunky sweater to a silky skirt or maxi dress with a statement boot. 2020 has really made us dream of a simpler time, when life was cozy and nature was king. We’re adoring these fall trends and know you will, too. However you wear these pieces, you’ll adore them for years to come. Here are some of our current favorites:

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