3 Reasons Why You Should Use Organic Skincare

Introducing a skin care line new to our store - French Girl Organics! We are so excited to start selling this hand-selected line of organic and vegan makeup and skin care. French Girl Organics is meant for everyone out there, from the most laid back to the most extra. Whether your skin care regimen includes one step or ten, we have it all. But the best part about French Girl Organics is pretty straightforward -- it's organic. So stop using the overpriced serum with ingredients you can't pronounce and make the switch. Go organic! 

Here are 3 reasons you should go organic:

Forever young -- Organic makeup and skin care have various nutrient rich oils that result in a more youthful, healthy canvas. In the French Girl Organics 'Lumiere Shimmer Oil' there's an abundance of healthy oils from Argan to Coconut to Sunflower; all rich in nutrients. 



Natural fragrance -- Many brands use harmful chemicals to the skin in order to produce a nice fragrance. But you don't have to worry about that when it comes to organic skin care; it's all naturally fragranced! So you can smell and look good. 

Earth friendly -- By going organic, you're also helping the environment by using clean products, promoting a healthier planet!

Trust us, you need organic in your life. Check out the rest of French Girl Organics below: 

Picture via @frenchgirlorganics

Rose Lip Polish

Neroli Creme Fraiche 

Neroli Cleansing Wash 

Rose/Ylang Body Silk 

Sea Polish 

Lumiere Bronzing Oil 



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