Gold Accessories For Every Zodiac

Hi girls! 
Right now, we've got our eyes on the prize (AKA, accessories). We know that finding that perfect final touch to an outfit is always fun, but can sometimes be tricky. This season, go for the gold and try picking out accessories to go with your Zodiac sign! And with the holidays zooming right around the corner, this can also be used as a gift guide for your besties.
Aries: Bold
 South Pacific Necklace by Paradigm Design
Taurus: Calm
Gemini: determined
Gold Coin Barrette by Petit Moments
Cancer: imaginative
Diamond Pearl Hoops by Paradigm Design
Leo: optimistic
Virgo: virtous
Libra: charming
Abalone Ariel Hoops by Paradigm Design
Scorpio: powerful
Valetta Necklace by Vanessa Mooney
Sagittarius: adventurous
Pearl Puka Earrings by Petit Moments
Capricorn: ambitious
Constellation Climbers by Paradigm Design
Aquarius: generous
Pieces: compassionate
Forever Mine Locket by étoile
Want to shoot for the stars and flaunt your sign to the max? Check out these two beautiful pieces, available specifically for your zodiac: 
Mother of Pearl Zodiac Pendant by Erin Fader Jewelry

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