Guest Feature: By Scout

Happy Monday VDV babes! Today we are starting a new segment on our blog: Guest Features! This week we will be featuring Scout from By Scout. Andrea Van De Vort, owner of VDV, was just recently a guest on PODCAST by scout and so we wanted to share a little bit about her! Keep reading below to get to know Scout <3

"I am Scout, the curator behind the By Scout Brand which is a blog, Instagram, and podcast. I curate content around aesthetic wellness and women empowerment. On my blog, REVUE by scout, I focus mainly on mental health and on my podcast, PODCAST by scout, I interview different female entrepreneurs who are out there killing it. I come from both the publishing and digital media sphere, having launched my own physical magazine at the age of 23 which was sold in Barnes & Noble locations and newsstands nationwide and I helped launch one of the fastest growing women's media sites as the Director of Operations. My By Scout Brand is a reflection of my past work experiences and a compilation of who I am, right down to my aesthetic soul. 

Reaching out to Andrea Van De Vort to be a guest on my podcast was a no-brainer for me. She is such an influential businesswoman in the San Diego community and in the digital space. Interviewing her was a goal of mine when I started PODCAST by scout and I was honored she came into the studio to record her story. Also, I am a Van De Vort fan so it all came full circle!" - Scout

To listen to the podcast for free on Itunes, click here (episode 32).  

Thanks for reading babes!

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