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Hey ladies! It's Friday and that means you have just one more week to pick out the perfect Mother's Day gift before the 13th. April went by in the blink of an eye, and fortunarely for you, our boss babe (and mom) Andrea Van De Vort has hand selected her favorite goodies that will make for an unrivaled gift. From jewelry to sunnies, beauty and clothes we've got it all. We also did a little interview with Andrea so you can get some insight into her life as a COOL mom.

Give us a little background of your career pre and post Cannon.

Right out of college, I became a sales rep in the fashion industry in Downtown LA for six years.  Once I was married, settled and ready to stop traveling nonstop, I decided to open up my boutique in Del Mar.  After the first year of business, I got pregnant and worked overtime to maximize productivity until the day my son, Cannon, was born.  I was actually emailing from the hospital bed in between contractions, so I wouldn't say there is a solid line separating pre and post baby career lol.  I did take the first 3 weeks off from going into the shop, but continued working from home the day after he was born.  When you own your own business, there's no such thing as an autoreply email setting ;) 

What's a typical day like for you?

My husband, Wes, is a saint and usually does the morning routine with Cannon (lunch packed and preschool drop off).  My days in the office and shop are usually pretty hectic and all over the place with multiple employees and client appointments, so I really try to spend my mornings before heading into work as productive as possible.  Getting time sensitive emails out of the way, posting to Instagram, and enjoying a quiet cup of coffee before going in makes my day so much better.  Work days vary from photoshoots, styling sessions, collaboration meetings, accounting, you name it!  It's fast-paced and jam packed before rushing off to pick up Cannon from school, take him to swim lessons or playdates at the park, and then making dinner.  I always end my night cuddling with my husband and Cannon on the couch with a glass of wine and a good movie.

Where do you draw style inspiration from?

Instagram is filled with inspiring content.  I also am obsessed with traveling and drawing inspo from all different places.

What are your Mother's Day plans?

This is the one day out of the year that I don't micromanage the schedule and let Wes take over ;)  but we'll probably do something chill - church, brunch, beach, and dinner at home. 

What do you love best about motherhood?

So many things!  I love watching Cannon grow and develop everyday into his own person.  I love having a mini Wes running around.  I love the community of women i've met through motherhood.  I love the intense and deep love that I have for this tiny human being.  Motherhood is truly the best thing ever and such a blessing.


Here's Andrea's fav picks for Mother's Day Gifts:

1. Cruising Lace Up One Piece. 


Chasing Cannon around the beach is much easier to do in a one piece than a teeny bikini. This one is super cute with the micro-ribbed fabric and laceup detail. 

2. Alexa Visor. 


Super into visors right now, it's a nice update from my straw boaters, and essential for blocking the sun. 

3. Jalina Jumpsuit. 


The perfect one and done jumpsuit - I can wear it to work or keep it on for park dates with Cannon. Cute, comfy and functional. 

4. Together Diamond Ring.


I just treated myself to this pinky ring. Delicate and so cute next to my wedding ring :)

5. Indie Shorts.


I love that "mom shorts" are back! Super cute with a graphic cropped tee and not too short to wear to preschool functions.  

6. Coconut Lip Love. 


Addicted to this product! I keep one in my purse, one in my car, one at my desk, and one in my pocket. Organic, light, and moisturizing!

7. Wild Gift Sunnies. 


The perfect oversize statement sunnies for those early morning school dropoffs. No makeup? No problem! 


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