Spring Outfits & Picnic Spots

Hi loves! As we're sure you know, Spring in San Diego brings great weather! We have some perfect outfits for you to rock this spring and some of the best picnic spots we've been enjoying during this pretty season. Picnics are all about eating some great food and taking pictures in an outfit you love with pretty views! 


Beach Picnic Outfit:



For a beach picnic, something comfortable to lounge in and chill at the beach is important. We chose the Easy Love Crop Knit Top because it's comfortable and flattering. Pair this with the Normani Bias Skirt for something cute and flowy to lounge at the beach in! The Fling 2 jelly sandals are perfect to slip on and off while hanging out on the sand.


Scripps Park at La Jolla Cove:

image via @bradiegray

If you’re looking for a beach picnic, this is the spot! La Jolla is home to some of the most beautiful views in San Diego and having a picnic here is the best way to spend the day. There's a small cove surrounded by cliffs on the beach below that creates the perfect getaway to have a picnic with friends or your significant other!


Trendy Park Outfit:



Stay cute and fun in this outfit while having a picnic at Mission Bay Park with friends. We started with the Tee Dress and then added the Bourbon Waist Corset on top of it to cinch in the waist and create the perfect layered look. For shoes, we recommend the Finkmans for a comfortable yet cute shoe to walk around the park in. Finish off with the Kayla Cap and you have the perfect outfit to snap some cute photos at your picnic this Spring! 


Mission Bay Park:

image via @thekatiepie


Mission Bay Park has pretty weather and views. Sit here and relax while watching fun water activities and adorable dogs roaming around. This is a good place to go with friends on a warm day and enjoy the sun. Plus, not too far from this location are some of San Diego's best beaches you could go to for sunset after your picnic! 


Sporty Sunset Outfit: 



When watching the sunset up at Mt. Helix, it can get a bit breezy. We've got you covered with this look. The Full of Light Top and the Lost in Lunar Billie Pants create a cute warmer look. Since you're going to do a bit of walking to get to the top, the Lo-Fis are perfect to pair with this outfit. Finish it off with a black ball cap to make it a little more sporty. The Satin Baseball Cap is perfect to complete it!   


Mt. Helix Park:


Mt. Helix is the best place to watch the sunset and have a picnic. Grab your BFF's or significant other and go here to see a full view of San Diego while witnessing a beautiful sunset. Since it's Spring, all of the flowers up here are in bloom, adding to the pretty views!  


Don't forget to tag us @shopvandevort wearing anything Van De Vort for a chance to be featured on our page! We hope you got some inspiration for what to wear and where to go for all your picnics this season! 



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