The Baking Powder Paint Technique You Need To Try!

We all have a little more time at home on our hands these days, so it's really the perfect time to try out new fun crafts/ art projects/ DIYs you wouldn't typically try... This pottery textured acrylic paint trend is one of our current favorites! Typically with acrylic paint, you're left with a smooth end result after the paint is dry, sometimes there will even be a sheen to the paint also. Acrylic paint is absolutely beautiful on it's own- but a fun way to switch it up and add texture is actually to add in a teaspoon of baking powder per cup of acrylic paint! When combined, this creates the look of textured stucco or terra cotta. This technique is absolutely stunning when painted on formerly glass vases and bowls to transform them into terra cotta, expensive looking pots and vases! You can buy acrylic paint for cheap, grab some baking powder & head to your local thrift store for some inexpensive vases and bowls- then paint on a thick few layers of the baking powder & paint combination, leaving a textured, expensive looking terra cotta vase! We chose to add some texture to a massive acrylic piece for a little added drama. The baking powder trick worked like a dream & we highly suggest you try this out for yourself!



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