If you've ever wanted to travel abroad while staying (somewhat) close to your comfort zone..Sydney, Australia is perfect for you. With its' vast beaches, little towns to accompany them, and friendly locals, it's definitely a place to check off your bucket list. Luckily I know a thing or two and am happy to share my favorite FAVORITE places to venture while I'm there. 
Watsons Bay Hotel- Not only is this a beautiful hotel but the bar also translates into a nightclub and has made it a popular spot for locals every Wednesday night. You may even be surprised that a few of your favorite DJs have played here as well!
 The Newport Arms- When you think of The Newport, try and picture four of your favorite food trucks in one.. that is the Newport. From Seafood to pizza the Newport caters to all ages and sprawls among a vast patio that includes live music, fun and games. PS. don't leave before dark :)
2. BRUNCH + DINNER (obvi. most important??)
The Boathouse- Located along the northern beaches of Sydney, The Boathouse offers waterfront seating and IS the brunch spot to be after you work up a sweat from hiking to the Palm Beach lighthouse (see below). Make sure you get here early if you don't want to wait!
Sunset Sabi- If you're a sushi everyday kind of gal like me then head to Sunset Sabi! It's Japanese fusion with an unconventional kitchen. LOVE! What I would recommend? You can't go wrong..
The Palm Beach Lighthouse- This walk is a MUST DO when on the northern beaches. Start the hike along the beach then up the path towards the lighthouse, when you get to the top you won't regret it. The peak gives you a view where the bay and ocean collide: a win, win. 
The Rock Pools- If you spend the day among any beach in Sydney don't leave until you visit the local rock pool. That's right, every beach in sydney is home to a rock pool of its own and when is any rock pool not amazing! Some are hidden but that shouldn't discourage you.. if you can't find it, ask a local :)

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