Our latest batch of new arrivals all have one thing in common- This season, don't fear bold patterns, colors, or power-clashing! We're pairing zebra denim jackets with matching zebra skirts and topping the look with bright orange sunnies. Dayglo sunset hues show up as blazers and bright pops of pink don't mute themselves for anyone. Spring and early summer were for muted hues, but as we get later into the summer- we're seeing this bold trend everywhere. Bright reds, purples, pinks, oranges, greens, and yellows. Nothing in the rainbow is off limits this season. It's all about putting your own individual stamp on the trend. If you feared pairing orange with a pattern in the past- now's the time to try it!


Along with playing with matching patterns, clashing different patterns has also been a trend we're seeing. Basically the rulebook has been thrown out, and fun has been restored. Play with your wardrobe and see what you come up with. Fashion at the end of the day is all about expression & having fun. 

Loud prints mixed with feminine silhouettes is such a fun spin-off of this bold trend, too. Femininity doesn't have to be one definition- it can come in so many different forms, colors, and styles. We love the Mica Ruffle Puff Sleeve Mini for this exact reason!

Give this trend a try and tag us on instagram #VDVbabe @shopvandevort.



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