VDV Team Spotlight: Andrea Van De Vort

Hey there VDV babes! We're at it again this week with another VDV team spotlight. This time with THE OG VDV babe: our amazing boss, owner, founder, and creative director of Van De Vort, Andrea! Keep scrolling to learn more about this kick-ass mama that we love so much!
  • First and foremost... Introduce yourself!
    • "I'm Andrea Van De Vort, the OG VDV babe ;)  I am the owner, founder, and creative director at Van De Vort.  I live in Encinitas with my husband, Wes, and almost 3-yr-old son, Cannon <3"

  • What is your favorite restaurant?
    • "I'm such a foodie, so it's hard to choose just one... but right now I am loving Umi in Encinitas.  It's a teenie tiny little Japanese tapas restaurant.  Everything is yummy, and the vibe is super chill and authentic, it feels like you're taking a step into Japan when you enter.  And they serve you saki while you wait which is obviously a plus!  Must-have dishes there are the Miso Black Cod, BBQ Beef salad, and their ramen is the best in north county!"
  • What is your all-time favorite movie?
    • "I'm a huge Steve Martin and Diane Keaton fan, so Father of the Bride is a classic fav of mine.  I could also watch Elf year round ;)"
  • What is your dream/fave travel location?
    • "My fav travel location is Italy!  I love the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany for the amazing wine + food... I also try to go to Hawaii at least once a year bc there is nowhere more relaxing than the Northshore :)" 

  • What is your fave brand and why?
    • "VDV The Label, obviiiii ;)  The pieces are my essential everyday pieces - soft pants, soft kimonos, soft tees... I'm clearly a fan of soft fabrics ;)  The silhouettes are easy to wear, yet still have a touch of style and edge."

  • Describe your perfect day off.
    • "My perfect day off would start with sleeping past 8 am (#momlife).  Walking to get coffee with my fam, heading to the beach, BBQing at home with friends, wine, jacuzzi time and good music.  I'm definitely more of a homebody when I'm not traveling, so a chill night in is all I need!"
  • Tell us 3 things that you always have with you (your necessities)
  • Tell us 5 things you can’t live without
    • "My family!
    • Coffee
    • My iPhone
    • Regular facials 
    • Red wine (don't judge)"
  • What are your must-have items from the store?

  • What does a typical day at work look like?
    • "It is literally different every day!  One day I could be in the office strategizing marketing calendars, working on budgets, planning photo shoots, designing our new VDV the Label collection, etc... and other days, I could be doing really fun stuff like tax prep and payroll ;)  I'm also up in LA quite often for buying, meeting with our manufacturers, or meeting with bloggers and influencers to plan fun collaborations and shoots.  And basically a little bit of everything in between!"
  • What is the best part of your job?
    • "The best part is getting to work with my staff every day!  Their hard work and dedication keep me inspired to do everything that I can to provide fun and exciting steps in our business for us to all grow together.  I've also had a lot of opportunities lately to give back and bring awareness to local charities which has been awesome.  And then of course working with clothes and being creative every day never really feels like work, so that just tops it off.  Basically, I love my job ;)"

Hope you babes enjoyed getting to know our boss babe, Andrea, a little bit better! Come join us at BangBang THIS Thursday from 6PM-9PM as we team up with Lady Killas SD to talk about building opportunity and more things VDV. Enjoy cocktails, shopping, and networking with other boss babes!  And don't forget to enter our giveaway here! Buy your tickets here (only $5 & students get in free with your student ID!). 


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