When You Have Nothing To Wear

Nothing to wear? We've all been there. Even if you're lucky enough to have a shoe closet of King Kylie proportions, you've likely had a day (or ten) when you couldn't pull a look together to save your life. In an act of desperation you might dig something out of your dirty laundry, opt for something completely uncomfortable, or settle on stretchy pants (again). You tell yourself that if you didn't actually DO yoga in them, it's totally ok to wear them for a week straight. Like we said, we've ALL been there. Not all days can be wardrobe wins, but there's something to be said for how much better you feel when you know you look good: you stand a little straighter, smile a little brighter, and Snapchat no filter selfies with a little more self-assurance. And without starting to sound like your high school guidance counselor, we think you deserve to feel that good every day. So, out of mad love for our #VDVbabes, here are three killer outfit ideas for when you have nothing to wear.

Erica Kentosh Blogger

Babe In Blush

Blush is one of those colors that's flattering on almost every skin tone, and we fully back wearing it head-to-toe like blogger babe Erica Kentosh does here. We love the idea of a matching set, especially when an off-the-shoulder element is involved, as is the case with this Somedays Lovin' Top and matching woven shorts. An outfit this sweet doesn't need much more to make it--add a pair of strappy sandals and you're good to go. 

Linh niller, NYC Style blogger

One & Done

An all-in-one outfit is the ultimate solution for when you're in a "nothing to wear" rut. With its clean lines and neutral color palette, this Faithfull The Brand Bleeker Jumpsuit looks amazing on NYC blogger Linh Niller, and pairs perfectly with just about any accessory. Linh's lace-up heels, when paired with vertical stripes, make her limbs look even longer, and a felt fedora gives off an effortless, off-duty vibe. 

Erica Stolman, FashionLush Blogger

It's In The Bag

Sometimes all it takes to make an outfit is a couple of badass accessories. We're feeling insanely inspired by this look on Erica Stolman. The blogger and mastermind behind FashionLush took a couple of wardrobe basics (a longline blazer, denim shorts, and a basic tee) and made them her own by adding a double buckle belt, some seriously strappy espadrilles, and our Dylan Bag

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