Five Hard To Kill Houseplants

When it came time for a refresh of the VDV HQ interiors, we had just a few hard and fast rules. First, we absolutely needed good, natural light. We're constantly taking pics like it's our job because, well, it's a HUGE part of our job. Second, we wanted the rest of the space to feel like a blank slate; something that'd easily transition with the seasons and trends. Lastly, we wanted there to be tons of greenery throughout the space. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well there was just one stipulation, and that's that no one at VDV HQ is particularly green-thumbed. In fact, we've each been known to kill a few plants in our day. But we knew we HAD to have them in this new office. Plants do SO much for a space, especially an office. In addition to adding a natural pop of color, houseplants can make a room feel instantly calmer, and literally breathe life into a space (seriously...plants release water and oxygen, and NASA studies have shown that plants remove up to 87% toxins from the air every 24 hours). Considering all the amazing benefits houseplants can provide, we decided we had to do everything in our power to keep 'em around as long as possible this time.

So far we're still just a couple months into our new digs, and our new roles as non plant killers, but we're happy to report zero casualties at the time of this post. To be totally fair though, we're chalking it up the the hearty plants we chose and not our newfound gardening skills. We figured if we can keep these plants alive then anyone can, so today we're sharing the five plants that are (nearly) impossible to kill. 

five hard to kill houseplants

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