N Y E Getaway

Hopefully you're on some amazing island sipping Mai Tais by the beach, watching a beautiful sunset and getting ready to party the night away in some amazing place you've just discovered. Why not? Grab a suitcase and some really amazing outfits (most important) and jet away to see how a different country does new years eve! If flights were crazy expensive and you couldn't book anything no worries! Here are some outfits that will make you feel like your doing NYE in Thailand or Mexico sipping a fruity concoction by a beautiful white sand beach. petal1 nuevo2 Get the look: Shop New Arrivals/Jen's Pirate Booty   fringe3 Get the look: Shop New Arrivals/Line and Dot     HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May this new year bring many adventures and plans for travel!!

Lots of love and good vibes




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