Why You Need Rose Water

A-rose-is-a-rose-roses-20581060-2256-1496 Roses are not just for the garden anymore! We're here to tell you everything you need to know about rose water and why you need it, like, NOW. Rose water is important especially for these dry winter days when your skin is just not behaving. First, let me just explain a few things about this product so you know what I'm referencing... Rose Water is usually purchased in a spray bottle form, and has so many amazing properties. Rose water is your one stop shop for natural skin care remedies. It calms and cools sensitive skin, and is naturally anti-inflammatory. If you spray a little rose water on your skin after you wash your face or after exfoliating, the irritated skin won't be red, it'll be naturally glowing and hydrated. Rose water can also clean your skin because it's naturally anti-bacterial and is an antiseptic. This just means that you can use it to wash your face, and then use it to also hydrate your face and moisturize. Not only does it make skin look fresh and clean, but it also balances oil production in your skin so your once oily skin will calm down and act normal...no need to bring blotting papers around with you anymore!! Kind of huge...Also, we can't forget that if you have really sensitive and dry skin, this stuff works wonders and will re-hydrate your skin and nourish your face. Rose water can also be a toner, which is cool because you don't have to use it as cleanser if you want, you can use a cotton ball and take off the day before using your normal face cleanser. If you start using rose water, it's naturally anti-aging properties will also stave off wrinkles...who doesn't want that!!? After a long night, waking up and looking in the mirror can be a little frightening, so you can use rose water in the AM as an eye-puff reducer! When I travel, I constantly am spritzing my face to keep hydrated whether it's a long car ride or airplane. Rose water is especially amazing for air travel because of the gross recycled air you have to deal with in flight. When you return safely home you can pour some rose water into your bath to create a nice vibe, and you can even remove make up with it!! I mean, it's kind of the perfect product. After removing all your make up with rose water, and washing your face with rose water, and moisturizing your face with rose water, you can even set your new make up with a few spritzes of the stuff...Talk about reducing time for your morning routine. Rose water can shorten your daily  steps so you can get out the door in 5 minutes...Okay, maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but the stuff is magic. You NEED it. You can buy rose water at any Whole Foods or local health food store.rosewater-500 You're welcome. XOXO, VDV

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Mukti Mishra August 16, 2018

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