#TBT Woodstock Music Festival Fashion

For this installment of Throwback Thursday we have Coachella on the brain. We know, we know...Coachella is still a ways away...but it doesn't mean that we can't start to gather inspiration for our outfits! Today, we look back on the music festival that started it all: Woodstock. Woodstock has inspired fashion for decades since it took place on August 15th-18th in 1969. The festival was the first three-day music festival to take place, but it was very different from the Coachellas and Bonnaroos we know and love today. Woodstock didn't start out being a free three-day concert, but so many people ended up going, they sort of turned it into a free show. Don't you wish Coachella was free? We do. Because it was the first of its kind, Woodstock had tons of issues with rain, food, shelter, and performers...but two things they didn't have trouble with? The music and the fashion! I mean, they had Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, and The Grateful Dead to name a few!! Talk about a serious line-up. Although they didn't have Drake & Alt-J & Tame Impala they somehow made it work. Woodstock fashion was epic. Whether you know it or not...you're currently wearing something inspired from 1969 fashion, or at least have something like it hanging in your closet. Our latest Amuse Society shipment has us thinking seriously about the patterns, over-sized kimonos, and flow-y pants we've seen in old Woodstock pics. Woodstock fashion was all about fearless clothing, if you wanted to pair a royal blue kimono with a bright orange velvet romper and huge sunnies, you could do it. We want to bring the same "devil-may-care" dressing to this year's music festivals! We have to remember that music is fun and creative, and so is fashion! Take a look at the latest Amuse Society pieces and get ready for a major #TBT moment. amusereddress4brooklynkimono1londonromper2amusepants1XOXO, VDV  

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