As Seen On Pinterest: Bedroom Make-Over

This Wednesday is all about renewing, organizing, and starting fresh for the new year...or at least the end of January. We want 2015 to be our best year yet! After the store renovation a few months ago, it's gotten us thinking about our own VDV Babe caves and how we need to step our bedroom style for the new year. This post is all about getting inspired to re-do your bedroom!! We are obsessed with interior decorating, so we took to our own Pinterest Bedroom Envy pin board for inspo, and we are here to share it with you!! Happy pinning! This first room is to die for because of the huge gold mirror on an old brick wall painted white. We can't get enough of white walls. They're calming and always make a space feel light, open, and clean. Speaking of light, the lights hung on the wall are everything. We love how effortless it looks, and lets face it, its easy to do yourself! A mixture of different picture frames and with color and black & white pictures is always a good call. Our favorite thing about this room? The high ceilings!! So good. 6b384cece6c421277dd63148d4a6c776 We feel like bed-side tables are always a little tricky. Here, they simplify it for you because of two things: a light, and a green plant. Seriously, those are the only two things you really need on your bedside table...well maybe you need a coaster for coffee, too...and a coffee table book! We love the contrast of the simple white walls with the beach-y plant bringing the outside in. 9cacd3450fda5c4a136784582da56d56 Ever wonder what to do with all the coffee-table books you buy on amazon? We found these simple shelves on Pinterest and can't get over how good they look! Mix up your magazines, picture frames, and coffee table books...instead of placing them on the coffee table, place them on shelves so you can see all your pretty things!2db2e43df949bcf96eb6258aa0d2d36d Speaking of pretty things, we saw this room and have been dreaming about it ever since. If you have ever wondered how to make pink work...this is how. Again, we love the white walls, but what really makes this room is the amazing pink faux fur draped on the low floor bed. This room is light, dreamy, and feminine. Perfect for any VDV Babe. 96527ef94b5d2241549ac8d3d7f86100 Here are some more shelves we love. We travel all over the west coast and gather little treasures along the way...this is the perfect way to display everything we've collected. White shelves with white walls keeps the space open and airy while still creating tons of storage space. Again, a faux fur throw is a must-have for us! Another favorite? All the green plants! We know your busy lives make keeping plants alive seem impossible...but it's worth it. b90cdfc01a86d25bc59fc8c59fbe491a If you enjoy clean lines and a cozier space, painting one accent wall black is the best way to create a warmer environment...we know it sounds weird to paint a wall black, but it works...check this picture out and you'll understand what we mean. We also love to play with different scales. For example, put a massive piece of art above your bed instead of a few little pieces, it really accentuates a high ceiling and makes the space feel modern. Obviously, there is yet another faux fur throw on the bed.291856270028faac928d450066bfc1dd We had never seen these lights in a jar before, and now, we're obsessed! Theses lights always seem a little holiday if they're just hanging, but here they look like they have a purpose and can serve as a bed-side table light, or mood lighting in any bedroom. The big plus? This is so cheap to re-create!eb1cef24a8f91f17d22926fab303d9cd As the temperatures rise in Southern California, it's got us dreaming about tropical locations and exotic getaways...we love the white, breeze-y curtains with big open windows to the outside. We also love this mix of pillows, it gives the room an eclectic feel. Also, candles are always necessary. e6688568c1496ffe3036ed5187b841c7 We want to finish this inspiration post with an easily re-create-able space. Again, we love the all-white walls and can't stress that enough. The white shelves are amazing for storage, the green plants breathe life into the space & also create a tropical feel, and the color of the wood floor is perfection. d2ca1b9f629892b295201b1eec544f69 Get Inspired! XOXO, VDV

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