Brand To Try This Weekend: Kamp & Co

Ladies...this is the perfect weekend to hit the beach, and we have the BEST new product to make your stay that much better. This weekend you have to try our latest brand to add to the VDV family...Kamp & Co! They design the prettiest outdoor products for tents, blankets, and more...but we're currently coveting their beach towels. You can use them for literally anything you choose to do this weekend, whether that be a picnic in the park or a calm day catching rays on the sand. These beach towels are designed by Christi Kampman, and are always functional as well as fashionable...which is why we're in love. Christi designed these blankets for the adventurer and the wanderer who can pack up at a moments notice and hit the road for a weekend of camping by a river, hiking, or maybe a beach-side getaway. The VDV babes adore these Kamp & Co blankets because they fit with our bohemian beach babe style & curb our wanderlust. Wherever you end up with one of these Kamp & Co blankets, it'll create an experience to they're just fun to instagram! Each blanket is hand-woven & unique, which makes us feel like we really have something special. At Van De Vort, we're always trying to get you guys the coolest & newest pieces, so trust us when we say these beach blankets are a must-have! Wrap yourself up in one this weekend & become obsessed with the latest Kamp & Co has to offer. DSC_5251 IMG_7265IMG_7718IMG_7396kampcotowel kampcotowel2 cuaycos cuaycos2littlerivertowel1 littlerivertowel2topangabluetowel topangatowel2TGIF! XOXO, Alex

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