In Case You Missed It: Week Recap

Happy Week Recap! We're so stoked to give you the info on all that's happened this week at VDV HQ. First up on the 411...we have Monday. On Monday we introduced you to one of our newest brand The Jetset Diaries. We're obsessed with this designer for so many reasons...they're luxurious, feminine, and about to blow up. Seriously trust us when we say they'll be the brand you're coveting for years to come. jetsetwhitedress4_grandevirgobodysuit2_grande For our weekly Travel Tuesday post, we took you on an exotic getaway to Hawaii with our newest Show Me Your Mumu shipment and Child of Wild jewels...sounds like the perfect combination, right? While we were dreaming of our trip to Hawaii, we gave you some amazing outfits to pack with you for the weekend escape. You have to check out the blog post for all the details on exactly what we're packing, but let us just say you'll have the perfect weekend wardrobe. showmeyourmumugreenromper3showmeyourmumupetalshirt5antalyagold On Wednesday we always love a little advice moment, so we dished out our current favorite candles and explain why we're as obsessed as we are. Diptyque candles are from Paris and are totally unique & different. We love anything with a special scent and pretty these candles were a no-brainer for us at VDV HQ!!6919-DEFAULT-L On Thursday we switched it up, delivering a Trend blog post instead of a #TBT...we like to keep our VDV babes on their feet. For this Trend Thursday, we discussed the latest pieces from one of our fav jewelry designers 2Bandits and why you need a little bit of this line right NOW! Seriously, they have such a cool back story & vibe to each unique's no wonder we have them on trend watch!annieoakleycuffsilver On Friday, we always like to give you a little weekend advice because we're so helpful...& this weekend is no different! We're urging you to try out new designer Kamp & Co because their blankets are so cute & the prints are to dye* for! These blankets are the perfect weekend accessory because they not only work on the beaches, but also work well for picnics or adventures of any kind. Check out the full post for more details!topangabluetowellittlerivertowel2 TGIF!! XOXO, Alex

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