They're baaaaaack! Our favorite Koolaburra Piaz II are back and better than ever in Chestnut as well as Stone! With Coachella right around the corner...our minds are always going on what we can pack and wear in the desert heat that will last and be comfortable. The first thing that came to mind were these Koolaburra Piaz! First of all, Koolaburra just always creates a quality product made from the best leather and wood. These shoes are made to last. We're not exaggerating. The more you wear them, the better they get. It's a fact. Plus, the heel is literally the perfect height! Not too tall and not too short...and they're so comfortable that trekking around Coachella for three days will feel like a cake walk. Personally, I'm obsessed with the fact that now we have two different foundation-esq shades to match with your skin tone. Now, you don't HAVE to match them to your skin tone, I just really dig the effect it has. These Koolaburras elongate your legs while still being funky and fringe-y! How could you not want this look?! To switch up the look, mix and match with denim and the chestnut shoe, or a darker shade with the stone wash! Obviously it all works, you seriously can't go wrong with these babies!! piaz piaz2 PIAZ3 PIAZ4 piazstone1 (1) piazstone1 piazstone2 piazstone3 See, aren't they perfect?! XOXO, Alex

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