Weekend Warrior in MATE the Label

TGIF BABES! We've made it to the weekend, yet again! This weekend we are feeling a little badass....yes, we know it's Valentine's weekend...but it's also a LONG WEEKEND (thank you President's Day on Monday). We feel like getting into some trouble, and couldn't think of a better designer than MATE the Label to rough it in this weekend. MATE the Label is a Los Angeles-born vintage tee brand that we're all obsessed with. We love a classic muscle tee and have always loved the Americana-vibe MATE gives us. We always envision our VDV babes hanging out with James Dean in a cool leather jacket when we think of this designer. So obviously....this is the feeling we want this weekend!! This is the first tank you should try this weekend. Get to know the Eye of Lunette tank. She is your new best friend. We're serious about our love for this seemingly-simple piece. The design is beautiful and this shirt can be worn so many different ways, you'll make this thing your new everyday throw on...because we know you have one of those. We're loving this top paired with Novella Janis Bells for this weekend's activities. blackhaze3 This next top by MATE the Label is called their One for the Road Camden Tee. This tee is so classic we're obsessed. First of all, the font they used is everything and we love the bold red color choice. This tee makes us want to drop everything and go on a road trip this long weekend....I mean why not right? We don't know the destination...we just want the journey. Pair this guy with tons of Child of Wild jewels for a wanderer vibe and obviously Novella Royale Janis Bells for a cozy car-ride experience.goldbells3onefortheroadtee2 (1) MATE the Label was designed for the "dreamers, the doers, the sun-seekers, and the moonchasers" and we feel all those things in this One for the Road Mate tee. First off, the color is called moondust...I mean, how great is that?! WE love this tank because it's classic with also maintaining a new color scheme. Again, we're obsessed with the print and the thought that we can hit the road anytime we want to in this item. I don't know about you, but I'll definitely take one for the road! These shirts are always constructed in the highest quality fabrics and couldn't be more comfortable. I want to rent a convertible and drive down PCH in this tank, am I right?moroccanbells1 This last MATE the Label piece is definitely a KEEPER. We're obsessed with this thing. Honestly. Obsessed. I don't think I've taken mine off in a couple days....is that bad? Whatever. The VDV babes are in love with the graphic and who doesn't want to be Wicked & Wanted this weekend?! I mean come on. It totally completes the badass weekend vibe we're looking for. To give it a softer edge we paired it with Lucy Love shorts in a light floral print....I mean, it is Spring in San Diego...we should try to dress the part. wickedandwanted5 Have fun this weekend, babes!! XOXO, Alex

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