In Case You Missed It: Week in Review

Another week has come and gone and we've been so busy that the time has flown by! So much has happened this past week, and if you were busy like us, I'm here to recap it all for you! How helpful am I? On Monday we discussed one of our favorite trends of the moment...the two-piece set. This is a spring staple so expect to see much more of it. We chose a Private Arts set and a Mink Pink sleep set that's so cute you'll want to wear it out!minkpinklounge2 Travel Tuesday was amazing because we went to MOROCCO! We received an amazing Novella Royale shipment and just knew exactly where to go with it. The prints are exotic and beautiful. Each print is different from the next, making the decision impossible to choose just one. Come read about how we styled each look for the Moroccan dunes.dsc_8200 On Wednesday we discussed Coachella hair and how easy it is to achieve!! Braids will be EVERYTHING for this Coachella season, so we showed you our current fav spin on the timeless look. Every boho babe needs a braid in her hair this season. photo 2 (4) On Thursday...a lot happened!! We got you ladies ready for Valentines day with designer Vagabond, and also talked about our favorite fringe shoe by Koolaburra! Vagabond delivered for the perfect V-Day we styled the looks 5 different ways because we know our VDV babes are all into unique and different things! We also had to discuss the fact that we got a TON more Koolaburra Piaz II in that was exciting.vagabondlacedressblack3piaz On Friday we decided to get down and dirty and discuss one of our favorite tee shirt brands MATE the Label!! We want to run away this weekend and have some fun, so we thought there's no better designer to get into trouble with! Come see how we style the weekend looks!   wickedandwanted5Happy Saturday, Babes! XOXO, Alex  

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