Coachella Day 1 Essential: Sancia Babylon Fringe Bar Bag

Ladies, picture this...It's day one, week one of COACHELLA 2015. Do you have your outfit? Are you prepared? We are here to help. We'll be with you every step of the way giving our advice on everything to start off, we highly suggest this Sancia Babylon Fringe Bar Bag. Let me just tell you now. Fringe accessories will be a HUGE trend. This is what fashion photographers are looking for, trends for the here's the first one!! Fringe accessories are the perfect little bohemian festival touch without going too overboard with let's say...a flower crown. This bag is so beautiful and well made that it'll not only save you during every single crazy moment of Coachella, but long after!! The fact that this bag is a crossbody as well as a handbag is such a plus for long treks from stage to stage. Also, the leather will only get cooler and more effortless over time. So, you've heard it here first ladies, fringe accessories for Coachella. It's happening. We love the modern way to style fringe accessories...because it may not exactly be what you expect. This season, a fringe accessory doesn't have to be paired with an all-boho 'fit! This season people are pairing fringe with grunge outfits, minimalist looks, tropical prints, 90s chokers, and mini's just all about showing off your personal style and making a statement!! Have fun with statement accessories this Coachella. You won't regret it. Coachella season is officially started, babes, so get prepared! Sancia bags are a VDV babe staple as it is, so we can say for certain that they're beautiful, and made to last. bablontan1bablontan3 bablonblack1 bablonblack2 bablonblack3 Happy Coachella season, babes! XOXO, Alex

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