Behind The Scenes: Haute Nights in Havana

Happy Wednesday, Babes!! We know how you all are curious about our we've decided to start showing some behind the scenes action! ask and we deliver! For our latest lookbook Haute Nights in Havana we wanted to feature all new For Love & Lemons shipment, so we went to a festive local spot for it's unique decor, tropical vibe....and obviously for their amazing large bird cage. The latest For Love & Lemons shipment is full of bright colors, tropical prints, and has a bit of a 90s vibe, so we went with it! When we first dream up a lookbook, we look at the pieces we've received and get a feel for the vibe the designers are going for. This time, we knew what we wanted to do right away. These clothes are meant to be seen and meant for a we created a party environment! This lookbook is fun and over-the-top in the best way possible while still maintaining a ready-to-wear feel. We knew we were going to a really small location, so our photoshoot team had to be kept to a minimum. When you're on location, you always have to be ready for anything, and when you bring a smaller team, it's easier to go with the flow depending on how the day goes. We started shooting the Pacific Mini Dress outside and were totally taken by all the flowers and colors! We we're super into the "sensory overload" vibe and went with it! This dress is beautiful and effortless, so we knew we could have some serious fun with the background!photo 3 (6)photo 3 (5) We decided to start shooting in a back alley of the location and were in love with the dark gate and the green couldn't have been more perfect for our For Love and Lemons Birds of Paradise crop top, skirt, and beautiful model Mallory! We noticed that the black gate actually was a giant bird cage, so we freaked out with excitement and they opened the cage for us to be able to get the shot!! Every shoot is different because it's a different location, model, and product, so you have you be extremely flexible on every set. Our photographer Danielle had to get creative to get the shot she wanted, but it always works out! Everyone works as a team on shoot days. photo 1 (6) photo 2 (5) photo 4 (5) photo 5 (4)photo 2 (6) After we played with the birds for long enough we switched out of the location for something a little crazier and we're really obsessed with the almost-camoflage vibe we got with this little tropical paradise mixed with the Aloha Romper. For us, the quirkier the better! Our favorite part of the whole shoot was our little parrot friend in the background. How cute is he?!photo 1 (7) We ended the shoot with a bang! Or, a banging For Love and Lemons Maui Waui dress shall we say...For Love and Lemons just killed it with this number. We were obsessed the second we saw it so we felt like the dress was so cool it didn't take much to make it amazing, so we just threw a Child of Wild choker on Mallory for a little dark vibe and that was that!! The lighting outside was sort of amazing so we just took a few quick shots out there before packing up! photo 5 (3)XOXO, Alex  

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