In Case You Missed It: Week Recap

Happy Saturday, Babes!'s the week recap for you! Festival season is upon us so things are getting crazy at VDV HQ! We want to give you guys the latest and greatest fashion advice and tips for Coachella and we've been working overtime to make it happen! This is our favorite time of year....festival season is HUGE, and we're so excited about it. On Monday, we discussed a favorite trend, the muscle we would wear it, our fav brands, and why we love the look so much. gratitutde2 On Tuesday we celebrated the launch of our latest lookbook "Haute Nights in Havana"! We love this lookbook because it's all new For Love & Lemons and we were really obsessed with the 90s-Hawaii-tropical vibe that was happening. On Tuesday we also talked about our first Coachella accessory: The Fringe Bag! This is a must-have accessory for every VDV babe this festival season. We discuss how you can style this look, all the different ways you can wear it, and why it's our first trend of festival season!!bablontan1 Wednesday was all about taking you behind the scenes into our little photo shoot world, and showing some details that we haven't discussed before! We're super stoked to take you behind the scenes of every shoot we go on from now on to show you the ins and outs of what we do! Plus who doesn't love a few BTS photos....right?photo 1 (6) On Thursday we launched our new feature! All through out festival season we're going to tell you different pieces to change your whole look in one easy step! This week, being our first, we decided to talk about the statement sandal: Gladiators....and how they can take your look from the street to the desert!cypressandal1 Thursday was a big Coachella-prep day for us, so we decided to not only give you a trend forecast post, but also a style inspo post! This week, we featured Kate Bosworth. We discuss her famous Coachella fashion sense, her outfits, and how we can replicate them with VDV attire!!061553005fb7ed658d63d9c267267cd5 On Friday the blog featured our latest Moroccan home accessories! This is a huge deal for us because we've always loved interior decor, and now we're carrying some! These pieces are unique and one of a kind, so each one is like having a piece of something special that'll add a little sparkle and flair to your everyday home pieces.blacksequenceblanket1 Happy Saturday, Babes!! XOXO, Alex

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